DSE Mobile Services

1. Toilets Monitoring

Using this app, school HMs can upload the visuals of toilets at regular intervals. Authorities can monitor the functional status of toilets from time to time. Helps to track the status of toilets.

2. School Infrastructure

Visuals of School infrastructure like school building, class rooms, drinking water facility, compound wall, and kitchen shed etc. can be uploaded using this app.

3. School Visit

This module allows to capture various school details like enrolment, attendance of children/teachers, syllabus covered, status of toilets, midday meal etc.

4. Aspirational District

This module allows to capture and upload all school related photographs like school building, drinking water, textbooks, electricity and functional girls toilets etc.

5. School Attendance

With this app, School HM can update the attendance details of both Children and Teachers. It facilitates Medium and Class wise Attendance of the children.

What is New ?
  1. Capturing the Geo Coordinates of school
  2. Comparing with the Geo coordinates of schools collected earlier. It helps to identify whether the user is at the school location, by calculating the distance between Geo Coordinates.
  3. User has to capture the school photograph while visiting the school.
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